Sold out. How to use "sold out" in a sentence

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Alcohol Abstinence and Character Education Program

When he publishes a new print edition, it is sold out before it is even printed. The book, published in an edition of 6,000 copies on 19 December, sold out in a few days. Our estimate has some 75500 calves...

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You can use either one. Strictly speaking, "sell-out" is a noun being used as an attributive, i. English grammar allows this, and it is often done. If you sell out a performance or show sell all the seats it is a sell-out, and it has sold out sold out. You could just say, "The pantomime had five sell-outs with revenue of £3,000. With "sold out," you could say, "All five performances of the pantomime were sold out, with revenue. We had a sold-out performance yesterday. It's also because "sold out"...

Solved: Does "Sold Out" mean that's it, it's done and neve...

The Sold Out School Program is all about building trust between community, parents, and schools. We are excited to introduce you to our Fitness, Health, and Wellness Program! We must be intentional about our overall health. We are excited to offer you experts in all of these areas that will assist in equipping you to be your best. Ready to pursue your dreams and goals. Sold Out is a comprehensive long term alcohol abstinence program with measurable results. A community strategy, partnering with local schools, law enforcement, parents, businesses, and...

Sold Out (2021)

Lots of us are guilty of letting social media tempt us into buying something we don't need—but you may be surprised sold out learn of the extraordinary power that has over real-life sales. Sometimes all it takes is for one video of a TikTok star gushing over how much they love a product to go viral, and before you know it, they have sparked a massive trend and the product becomes unavailable to buy for love nor money. From cult beauty brands and magical cleaning products to jeans that fit...

20 Products that Have Sold Out Because of TikTok Popularity


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