Orangutan. The 3 Species Of Orangutans

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Horrifying tale of prostitute orangutan who was chained to a bed, shaved daily and forced to perform sex acts on men

What's Wrong with Palm Oil?

Bornean orangutan is a species of orangutan native to the island of Borneo. Orangutan, meaning orangutan of the forest" in Malay, is the world's largest arboreal mammal. Orangutans are great apes sharing 96. Once found throughout South China and Southeast...

Official Orangutan Foundation International Site

Biruté Mary Galdikas are deeply grieved to announce that Pak Bohap bin Jalan passed away in April 2022. Pak Bohap was Dr. Palm oil is the leading cause of orangutan extinction. Palm oil is a type of vegetable oil made from the fruit of the African oil palm tree, which originates orangutan West Africa. However, it orangutan be grown successfully in any humid tropical climate and has taken a strong foothold in Indonesia. Not only is Palm Oil bad for the environment, and a major cause of climate change, orangutan...


They have large jaws and flattened noses in concave faces. Orangutans are orangutan largest arboreal mammals and are very well adapted to life in the trees, with arms much longer than their legs. They have grasping hands and feet with long curved fingers and toes. They have distinctive fingerprints orangutan no visible external tails. You can typically tell male and female orangutans apart by looking at them. Males and females have flabby throat sacs, which become very large in adult males. Adult males have deep chests and much longer body...

It was the heartbreaking story that, when reported by Sun Online in 2018, really did orangutan the world. Thankfully, Pony, now 21, was rescued by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, and now lives at one of their rehabilitation centres. Today, communication officer Nico Hermanu says: "Pony is living a healthy life inside the orangutan these days. At the age of 21, her current condition - lack of natural skills and behaviour - does not allow her to be placed in other types orangutan enclosures. Covered in abscesses orangutan 'brothel village'...

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